Training Resources Library


The Training Resources Library provides agricultural specialists and development agents with resources to support their work to improve agricultural productivity among women and men farmers in Ethiopia.

Master Facilitator Development Program

The Master Facilitator Development Program (MFDP) is an intensive and comprehensive training program aimed at developing the capacity to design, develop and deliver effective training in support of capacity development initiatives. The program consists of four modules based on the AGP approach to capacity development.

There are more than 45 documents of MFDP in this portal classified in 4 modules. Each Module includes a facilitator guide, participant notes, power point presentations and additional resources. Click here search and to access the documents 


Business Guide Books for Common Interest Groups (CIGs)

Common Interest Groups (CIGs) are groups of people from the same village who join together to form a small agricultural business. These Guide Books are inteded to serve as a day-to-day reference for the members of the Common Interest Group as they develop, implement and manage their business. They include guidance on: how to select a business idea, how to undertake a business feasibility study, how to develop a business plan, and how to manage a business effectively.

Materials are available in Amharic, Tigrigna, Afan Oromo and English for both members of the CIGs as well as Development Agents.

Agricultural Extension Training Materials (ETM)

Produced in collaboration with regional technical working groups, these training manuals incporate research findings and best practices for agricultural production of key crops and livestock in the Ethiopian agricultural sector.

Materials are tailored to various audiences including Development Agents and Farmers, are available in local languages and are presented in the form of manuals, posters and flip charts.

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) Mainstreaming Guides

These small guides give guidance to Government Ministry of Agriculture NSA Teams, members of Regional NSA, NGOs, and planners at all levels on how to promote NSA programming to Agriculture leaders and managers. It is inspired by SO #1 of the National Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture Strategy (NNSAS, MoA, 2017, page 24): “To leverage nutrition into agriculture and livestock sector policies, strategies, programs, and work plans at all levels.”

Zoonotic Disease Materials

Farmers are the first line of defense to protect themselves, their families and their community from zoonotic disease risks. Here posters, flip charts, manuals and guidelines are prepared and made available to be used by the DAs and subject matter specialits. Click here to access  the materilas developed in differnt thematics and local languages.

Gender Toolkit

The AGP Gender Toolkit identifies proven, effective tools to promote gender mainstreaming and gender equality at the household and community levels and tailors them for application and implementation within the Government of Ethiopia’s Agricultural Growth Program. It is designed to support woreda and kebele level experts to implement gender-related activities in community.

The toolkit is available in 4 languages: English, Afan Oromo, Amharic and Tigrigna.


Women Empowerment Manual

The objective of the manual is to provide Development Agents, Women’s Affairs Officers and woreda-level subject-matter specialists from AGP2 Implementing Agencies (IAs) with a tool to engage women in structured discussions about their lives and help them to build skills for enhancing their individual and collective empowerment.

The manual is available in 4 languages: English, Affan Oromo, Amharic and Tigrigna.


Leadership and Management Development

“Leadership”is a broader concept than management. Management is a special kind of leadership in which the achievement oforganizational goals is paramount.

These guides support managers at different levels in understanding their own leadership styles and building leadership skills.

Technical Committees training material is to enhance the coordination and collaboration effectiveness of AGP 2 Technical Committees and Steering Committees. The focus areas are: Institutional Arrangement and Collaboration, Committee and Member Self-assessment, Developing Committee Terms of Reference, Communication, Effective Committee Meetings and Cross-cutting Issues

Monitoring and Evaluation Skill Building

A key part of Agricultural Development is monitoring and evaluating results. These resources have been developed to support skill development in data management, reporting, and evaluation in accordance with AGP2 Guidelines. The materials are targeted to support managers at various levels.


Environmental and Social Management

Socially and environmentally responsible development is a cornerstone of Ethiopia’s Agricultural Development Plan. These training of trainer guidance documents support both facilitators and participants in building understanding and skills related to social and environmental imact assessments and building resettlement action plans to support development projects.

Each training of trainers session has a facilitator guide and a participant book available in English.