Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) Capacity Development Specialists conducted two days of training in Injibara, Amhara region on November 8-9, 2019. The training was facilitated in cooperation with a representative from the Regional Bureau of Agriculture and the National Gender and Nutrition Specialist from the Agriculture Growth Program Federal Coordination Unit. 10 participants from Bahir Dar University and the Bureau of Agriculture, representing both the regional and zonal levels, received refresher training on key skills and knowledge related to the national harmonized NSA training manual.

This training of trainers session was a follow up to training previously organized by the national Food and Nutrition Coordination Office. The goal was to ensure participants were equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate the NSA training to technical implementers in all Agricultural Growth Program (AGP) woredas in Amhara region.

NSA facilitators designed powerpoint presentations to support existing participant manuals and facilitator guides, which participants received at the end of the training session. They were also introduced to supplementary material developed by NSA consultant named “The Bright Tukol” which included descriptions of sample households used in the examples, how to use the knowledge product as they roll-out training and other useful tips.

The training was participatory and included many group discussions, brainstorming sessions and activities and participants were able to learn from each other as well as from facilitators as they went through the program. Participants demonstrated stronger understanding of the training material and confirmed in evaluations that they felt more competent, more knowledgeable about the material and more confident in their abilities to deliver the training to others.