A total of twenty participants (two women) drawn from the Regional AGP2 Coordination Unit, the Regional CDSF office, including the CDSF Zonal Capacity Development Officers (ZCDOs), woreda Cooperative Office and Implementing Agencies, all participated in the workshop.

Ato Kedir Mohamed, Regional AGP2- Coordinator, officially opened the workshop.

Meskerem Mulatu, National CDSF Gender & Nutrition Specialist and Temesgen Workayehu, National CDSF Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist facilitated the workshop.


During the workshop, the facilitators provided an orientation on the content of the CIG Business Guidebook. Practical exercises were included in the workshop that focused on data collection and analysis. The CIG Business Guidebook was prepared by the Agricultural Growth Program with technical and financial support from the AGP2 Capacity Development Support Facility (AGP2 CDSF).The guidebook contains tips and suggestions on how to plan and manage a small agribusiness and is designed to give ideas and suggestions for Development Agents (DAs), Cooperative Agents, Woreda-level AGP Focal Persons, and Kebele-level Women and Youth Affairs Officers and DAs who directly support CIGs.


AGP promotes and supports CIGs formed by women and youth. The CIG Business Guidebook is to be used jointly with the more detailed AGP CIG Guidelines. The CIG Business Guidebook includes information on how to guide CIGs to choose a business idea; how to support CIGs to undertake a business feasibility study; how to support CIGs to develop a business plan; and, how to help CIGs manage their businesses effectively.