The participants were drawn from federal and regional PCUs and Implementing Agencies (IAs) as well as emerging regions and composed of M&E, Information Technology and Capacity Development (CD) experts, respectively.

The topics covered during the training included:

  • Implementation Status of the Tailored M&E Manual including Data Quality Assessment,
  • Project Development Objectives 25 (PDO25) Training Quality Assessment,
  • Pivot Table and Conditional Formatting, and
  • Agricultural Management Information System (AMIS).

Thorough discussions were held on the implementation status of the M&E Manual that CDSF and FPCU had tailored for different IAs in EFY2010 (2017 Gregorian calendar). As it was apparent that there were gaps in implementation of the M&E Manual, participants promised to follow up on its implementation at all levels. Additionally, participants committed to cascade the training in all AGP kebeles during EFY2011.

Participants also agreed to supplement quantitative data through the collection and sharing of qualitative information, including relevant beneficiary interviews and success stories.


Ato Keberu Belayneh

Ato Keberu Belayneh, FPCU National Coordinator closed the 4-day M&E refresher training session. Ato Keberu appreciated CDSF’s support to AGP2 and asked for more technical support in the implementation and follow up of the M&E system