The Agricultural Growth Program II Capacity Development Support Facility (AGP2-CDSF) SNNP Regional office welcomed six (5 female) newly joined interns. An orientation was held in Hawassa on December 19-20, 2019 to support their successful start with the program. The interns have been assigned to support three AGP II baseline Woredas: Arbegona, Alicho Wuriro and Gimbo. Dr Ephrem Tesema (CDSF NFO GNS), Ato Debebe Gashawbeza (RFTL), Ato Sebsibe Teklu (RCDS) and Wro Frehiwot Tefera (NSA RCDS) facilitated the two day orientation session.

The program covered a variety of topics including: Objectives of the Internship, Overview of AGP2-CDSF/AGPII, Basics of CIG-BGB (Group Formation, Business Idea Selection, Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Business Management), Basics of Gender Toolkit, Basics of Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture, Monitoring and Evaluation approaches to be followed by interns, and Gender Responsive Knowledge Management.

The interns went through several different exercises for each topic area and presented their lessons back to the larger group. One activity, included drawing pictures of men and women and then indicating how each can support gender equality and women’s empowerment.

At the end of the program the interns expressed that the orientation training was helpful in
being able to fully understand their roles and how they are expected to work with CDSF.
The CDSF SNNP RO thanks Dr Ephrem Tesema, CDSF NFO G &N Specialist, for providing tireless
support to the region to make the intern program effective and rewarding for those involved.