The CDSF Regional Office in Tigray conducted Gender Toolkit Training-of-Trainers (ToT) from December 31, 2018 to January 3, 2019 in Wukro town. Twenty-two participants (11 men and 11 women) drawn from 11 AGP woreda Women’s Affairs Offices (WAOs), regional Bureau of Women’s Affairs (BWA)and Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development (BoARD) participated in the training. The participants included gender experts and CDSF Zonal Capacity Development Officers (ZCDOs).

The purpose of the training was to address the interests and needs of married women (MW), female-headed households (FHHs), and men through equitable agricultural extension support in order to meet AGP2’s objective of increasing agricultural productivity and commercialization of smallholder farmers targeted by the program.

The training focused mainly on the AGP2 Gender Toolkit which uses a Gender Action Learning System (GALS) and how to apply it for household transformation. The training laid the groundwork for applying the Gender Toolkit and included knowledge and skills competencies required for facilitators (i.e. Kebele Development Agents) to empower rural women.

CDSF National Gender and Leadership Specialist Meskerem Mulatu and Tigray Region CDSF Capacity Development Specialist Hailu Abay co-facilitated the training.

 The facilitators used different training techniques such as group exercises, think-pair-share exercises, role play, drama, case study analysis, gallery walk, etc.


Woizero Migbnesh Kidane

Migbnesh Kidane, a gender expert in Tahtay Koraro Woreda Women’s Affairs Office, said the following about the training.

“The training was well-facilitated, and the content was practical. I believe I have acquired important knowledge and skills that I can apply in my community, at the workplace as well as in my personal life. I liked the practical sessions most. The gender-related exercises during the training were opportunities for me to learn more. I can say this is my first time to participate in such a well-organized and participatory training.”