The purpose of the training was to equip participants with knowledge, skills and competencies that would enable them to confidently facilitate and implement AGP2 capacity development training activities. Regional CDSF Capacity Development Specialists, Berihun Gobie and Gashawtena Belay, facilitated the training.


The MFs were introduced to communication and facilitation techniques such as self-assessment, group works, gallery walk, role play, etc. Visuals, audio and video were also used to accommodate the different learning styles of the participants.

Towards the end of Module 3 training, MFs shared their experience and challenges of implementing newfound adult learning knowledge and skills acquired from the two previous MFDP modules in their respective workplaces. Module 3 training was concluded with the development of performance tasks which would be reviewed in their respective communities of practice.

Participants who had successfully completed Module 2 received certificates.


Most participants said the content of the MFD Module 3 training was relevant to their work and acknowledged CDSF commitment in supporting the application of the new knowledge, skills and competencies in their respective workplaces.

Sewalem Salilih, Natural Resource Management Expert at Bureau of Agriculture, said the following, about the training:

“The training was participatory, learner-centered, and experiential. It has enabled me to effectively facilitate group discussions, gender response trainings and think critically. The practicum session has particularly enabled me to apply¬†paraphrasing, summarizing and questioning skills. What is more, I have built the confidence to facilitate trainings.