Most of the assessments the JRIS (Joint Review and Implementation Support) mission has carried out so far expressed concern about the quality of reporting by AGP Coordination Unit (CU). The reports did not communicate results to the partners well and the quality of the data was poor. The poor reporting is ascribed to lack of skills among concerned AGP staff in analyzing results, and interpreting and visualizing data. Poor data quality is also associated with absence of clear data quality assessment guidelines, tools, and a clear and tailored reporting format. 

In March 2017, CDSF conducted a baseline assessment of the CU in 12 thematic areas including M&E. Like the JERIS mission report, the CDSF baseline assessment also indicated that there are limitations in capacity of the CU in data analysis, interpretation and implementation of the CU M&E manual.

The response

Based on the findings of the baseline assessment, CDSF designed its capacity development intervention that aimed to enhance the knowledge and skills of CU staff in M&E at all levels. CDSF provided financial and technical support to tailoring the M&E manual for five identified target groups. CDSF delivered ToT for 26 (two women) regional M&E experts and also designed and delivered higher level M&E skill training for 32 (two women) federal and regional M&E experts. Similarly, CDSF technically supported the woreda rollout trainings for the tailored M&E manuals. CDSF

The topics of the training included: data quality assessment techniques and tools (Routine Data Quality Assessment (RDQA), Lots Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS), result focused reporting, story writing, etc. CDSF also provided technical support at federal level in aggregating data during the CU semiannual report compilation.

The Result  

The quality of the CU’s semi-annual report was one area that the JERIS mission assessed in March 2018. According to the feedback from the mission, encouraging improvements have been made in the quality of AGP reporting. The mission said there was now much better result-level data analysis, visualization and interpretation during the EFY 2011 semi-annual reporting period. The reporting format developed by CDSF and WB has significantly helped the CU in framing and guiding the report content.

In its report, the JRIS mission said: “The FCU overall reporting has improved. The Results Framework indicators directly collected by the government system are available and the progress report includes more analysis and explanations of results”

(Aid Memoire AGPII Mission April 2018, Page 5).