Participants were drawn from AGP 2 Implementing Agencies (IAs), namely Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BoANR), Bureau of Livestock and Fishery (BoLF), Bureau of Trade and Industry (BoTI), Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Cooperative Development Agency (CDA), Bureau of Women and Children Affairs (BoWCA), Irrigation Development and Scheme Administration Agency (IDSAA) and Environment Protection and Forest Authority (EPFA). Twenty (4 women) participants attended the training.

Alem Hadera, NSAC Senior Nutrition Specialist/Manager and Firehiwot Teffera, Regional Nutrition Capacity Development Specialist co- facilitated the training.


Topics covered during the workshop included: opportunities for mainstreaming; enabling policy environment; food system; conceptual framework; agriculture-to-nutrition pathways; evolving food pyramid; trends in crop production in Ethiopia; consumption pattern in Ethiopia; vitamin content of typical crops; energy content of typical crops, and Global trends towards increased cereal production but with little improvement in nutrition.

Dr. Neguse Dana, General Director of South Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) made the closing remarks. In his closing remarks, he thanked CDSF for what he called a very well organized, clear and applicable training. He appreciated CDSF efforts to enhance agricultural production and productivity for the rural community.

Dr Niguse

Dr. Neguse Dana