In his opening remarks, Dagnachew Delesa, AGP Coordinator with Oromia Irrigation Development Agency said that the AGP2 project is focusing on the transformation of agriculture in high potential woredas of the region with the aim to improve agricultural productivity, access to market and ensuring nutrition through dietary diversification.

He further said the training is a crucial support towards enabling AGP2 to achieve its objectives. He requested trainees to actively participate and benefit to the maximum from the training.


The leadership and management training event was facilitated by CDSF Project Director/Leadership and Capacity Development Consultant Ms. Sacha Innes. Ms. Sacha is an experienced capacity development expert with extensive knowledge and international experience in human resource capacity development and leadership training.


The training aimed to enable participants to better manage the implementation of AGP2, on behalf of their organizations.

During the three-day training, facilitation techniques such as group discussion, role-play, and gallery walk were used in addition to lectures and power point presentations.  The participants were provided with electronic soft copies of all the training materials and placed on USB sticks. Participants were also awarded Certificate of Participation at the conclusion of the event.

The Director for Bureau of Forestry, Environment and Climate Change Ato Gamada Bekele gave the closing remarks. Ato Gamada said that the training had addressed one of the critical gaps in the region. In this connection, he mentioned that most of the regional leaders, directors and team leaders who are promoted to leadership posts are generally well-equipped with technical knowledge, but lack leadership and management knowledge and skills.

 He thanked AGP2 CDSF for organizing and delivering the leadership training.