The CDSF regional office in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR), in collaboration with the regional AGP CU, held refresher training for the Regional AGP2 Technical Committee from December 11 to 12, 2020 in Shashamane town.  Competency areas covered during the refresher training were: Effective committee communication, Committee ToR, Committee assessment, Committee meeting management, Trust for effective committee work, Task & time management and digital/virtual learning tools. The COVID-19 status and its effect on agricultural sector, preventive measures situation as well as the role of AGP TC members in combating the impacts of the pandemic was discussed during the training. In the refresher training 23 (5 women) TC members participated.

The training was organized to strengthen the regional TC member’s collaboration and communication to support successful implementation of AGP planned activities, as well as to provide information on the current status of COVID 19 in the agricultural sector. The training was designed to support TC members in actively engage in the fight against COVID 19 in various ways, including through the use of virtual communication tools as a means to facilitate effective communication during this period of physical distancing.

The training was facilitated by Ato Debebe Gashawbeza (CDSF SNNP RO RFTL), Ato Zewge Lemma (RAGP CU CD Specialist), Ato Wondwosen Hussien (RAGP CU M&E Specialist) and Ato Amrit Alemu (CDSF SNNPR CDS).

COVID-19 status in Agricultural Sector & its prevention
Trainees practicing virtual communication tools

During the training, participants conducted individual and committee self-assessments to determine their trust level and the time management skills they have. The digital learning tools session covered the benefit of using different tools and participants were able to practice using the tools like Zoom, Google meet, Google drive and Telegram.

TC members attending the training attentively
Trust for Effective Committee

The training was closed by his Excellency Ato Anteneh Fekadu, Vice President of SNNPR & BoANRD head. In his closing remarks, Ato Anteneh said that “the era is an IT era and we need to adjust to the situation. COVID-19 has created a good opportunity for us to learn and use various digital learning technologies. Now a days it becomes so difficult to organize a face to face meeting or training having many participants. So virtual communication tools are appropriate to solve the challenge we are facing. We have to use the technology for it saves our time and money as well as to protect ourselves from COVID 19. The training enhances your personal competence and also a good opportunity for the bureau and AGP as a whole.”

The Deputy President advised the trainees to pass the knowledge and skill they gained to their bosses and colleagues either through formal training or experience sharing. Besides this, he said, “Unless you practiced the virtual communication tools frequently, training alone will not make you perfect. So I advise you to use the technologies starting now.” Ato Anteneh expressed his appreciation to CDSF for organizing this essential training, arranging two zoom applications for the COVID 19 Task Force of the bureau and for providing a great material and technical support in the COVID 19 prevention campaign launched by the bureau.