The CDSF regional office in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) conducted Leadership refresher training from December 4 to 5, 2020 in Shashamane town.  Topics covered in the training included: International standards for public sector leadership with key competencies, Situational Leadership model, Emotional intelligence, Time Management and digital/virtual learning tools. The COVID-19 status of the two regions and the preventive measures as well as mitigation measures being taken by the two regions was discussed during the training. In the refresher training 18 (6 women) leaders attended. The participants were drawn from SNNP and Sidama regions. Six (2 women) participants were nominated from Sidama region and the remaining 12 (4 women) leaders were drawn from SNNP region.

The training was designed to support regional leaders who are directly coordinating AGP2 activities to become more effective leaders and managers, more committed to the vision and importance of AGP, strengthen the COVID 19 task forces established and use the virtual communication tools as a means to minimize the communication gaps resulted from the incidence of COVID 19.

The training was opened by Ato Daniel Damitew (SNNPR Agriculture & Natural Resources Bureau Deputy head) and facilitated by Ato Melaku Jirata (CDSF Field manager), Ato Debebe Gashawbeza (CDSF SNNP RO RFTL) and Ato Amrit Alemu (CDSF SNNPR CDS). In his opening speech, Ato Daniel stressed the importance of systematic leadership and digital literacy to enhance the communication process and bring about significant improvement in the livelihood of the community. 

Opening remark by Ato Daniel

During the training, participants conducted a self-assessment on their leadership styles, emotional intelligence level and time management skills. The participants also prepared action plans to improve their leadership styles, their emotional intelligence and followers readiness level. The digital learning tools training focused on the benefits of using different tools and participants were able to practice using tools including Zoom, Google meet, Google drive and Telegram.  

Ato Melaku facilitating Emotional Intelligence
Trainees practicing zoom application
Closing remark by Ato Azaze Aliye

The training was closed by Ato Azaze Aliye – SNNPR BoANRD deputy head. He shared his appreciation for the continuous effort of CDSF in developing the capacity of AGP implementing agencies. He also expressed appreciation for the facilitators for their friendly and knowledgeable presentation and support. He advised the trainees to arrange similar training to the remaining management members of the IAs and to practice and use virtual communication tools. He has also requested the CDSF staff to provide additional job-embedded support for leaders.

The post-training assessment and evaluation of the training that was carried out at the end of the training showed high participant satisfaction and that it enhanced their knowledge and skills.