The objective of the workshop was to raise awareness about NSA, building consensus on what is required to mainstream NSA in the region, and getting commitment from leaders to support project activities. A total of 23 leaders and managers (18 men and 5 women) drawn from the AGP2 Regional Coordination Unit (RCU) and implementing agencies (IAs) attended the workshop.


Alem Hadera ,CDSF Senior Nutrition Specialist and NSA Consultant (NSAC)manager facilitated the workshop. Topics covered during the workshop included: opportunities and enabling environment for mainstreaming NSA, production and consumption patterns in Ethiopia, agriculture to nutrition pathways, and national NSA strategy in Ethiopia.

During the workshop, Ato Fisseha Bezabih, Deputy Bureau Head and Extension Directorate Director chaired a discussion on planning nutrition activities and, coordination and networking within the Bureau of Agriculture. Following thorough discussions, consensus was reached on the importance of joint planning and monitoring of NSA activities and collaboration among IAs on all activities.

Participants said that the workshop was very important in raising their awareness and has inspired them to work more collaboratively in mainstreaming NSA.

In his closing remarks, Ato Fisseha, thanked CDSF for organizing the event on what he called a very important topic and subject matter area.