Tigray Regional CDSF team conducted a one-day Community of Practice (CoP) workshop on 14 April 2018 in Wukro town. Twenty-two regional participants (four women) who had participated in Master Facilitator Development Program (MFDP) Module Two took part in the workshop.

The objective of the workshop was to review performance tasks completed by the CoPs and to enhance experience-sharing and learning, prioritize challenges and suggest remedial actions.

The participants formed seven sector/functional groups and presented their performance tasks to the plenary. The performance tasks included setting performance and learning objectives, preparation of session at a glance, preparation of participant notes and facilitator guides. Participants exchanged constructive feedback after each presentation.

One of the participants, Mebrahtom Tadesse, AGP PCU M&E expert said the following about the COP workshop.


“… Carrying out performance tasks after trainings is a new experience for me. My colleagues and I have received constructive comments from fellow participants and this-I’m sure- will enable us to execute our responsibilities in the workplace more effectively.”

Closing the workshop, Habtemichael Mezgebe, regional AGP PCU coordinator, said: “…the CoP workshop was very useful as it focused on learning and sharing experiences among the different CoPs. He urged the CoP members to complete the performance tasks by including the comments given during the workshop and submit them to the regional AGP Coordination Unit. The best materials will be selected and shared among implementing agencies so that they can learn from them”.